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Lorma Medical Center, San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines

The Admitting Officer will register your name and other details before calling your doctor, except in an emergency. If you were previously confined at Lorma Medical Center, you can help by giving the approximate date of your last confinement or by presenting your Golden Health Card. (If you do not have such a card please request it from the Billing Office upon discharge).

• The party responsible for your hospitalization will be asked to sign for your hospital care, for operation, or for other procedures. If you are unable to sign or if you are of minor age, a parent or guardian will be asked to sign for you.

• The questions you will be asked regarding your family and social status are necessary for vital records. This information, together with your subsequent chart, is carefully preserved in the Medical Records Section and may be important for future hospital care.

“We are told that God is a very great help in times of trouble. We can accept or refuse His help. We may drift with the winds of adversity or make use of His power.”

The only Medical Tourism Hospital in the Ilocos Region • Department of Health accredited Category 3 Hospital

(072) 888-2617 (PLDT)

(072) 888-2616 (PLDT)

(072) 700-0000 (PLDT)

FAX +63-072-242-3621

Smart 0998-8686485

Globe 0917-5833069

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