CHECK BOX AFTER YOU READ!!! Please be sure to fill in the Emergency Section AND KEEP IT AS UP TO DATE AS POSSIBLE. This section is very important and is the information we use if there is an emergency. You will be able to change this information at anytime in your profile under the “Emergency Tab” so please, for your protection, keep that part of your profile as current as possible. That section is our guide to protecting you! The more info you provide the better we can help and protect you.
The information provide in this Emergency Section is so that Expat Protection Agents and Staff can better server you. It is not shared with anyone unless you tell us to share it. This information needs to stay as current as possible in case Expat Protection needs to assist you for any reason you as us for assistance. Putting in truthful and accurate information is your discretion but be aware it directly impacts our ability to serve and protect you.
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